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Medical Genomics Ltd

134 Somerset Road, London, SW19 5HP
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Reviewed 17/03/2014
MEDICAL GENOMICS LTD is FRAUD! The websites are and The representative of the company promised to do the DNA tests to trace ethnic identity of mine and my relatives. I wanted to submit the medical DNA test to non-government institution but the files I received canít be used for ANY purposes.

What Iíve got is Wikipedia style brief review (with grammar errors) of the history of mankind supported by pictures of mountains and rock paintings.
Here is the copy paste from the results that Iíve got: Stone tools became more varied and complex, and the bow and arrows was invented. In Europe, humans began to experiment with primitive art, hardening clay figures of people and animals by firing them in an oven at high temperaturesÖ and many other information about cave art, language development and ancient skeletal remains that took place 40 000-50 000 years ago.

In the news ad specified on the website of the company the director of the company, Andrey Semikhodskiy, accurately detects the ethnic identity of Karnelia: 45% of her relatives are from Western Africa because of these she has dark color of skin
35% are from Eastern Asia and Karnelia has slanting eyes,
20% percent of ancestry is from Southern France, Spain or Portugal.

My wife is from Ukraine. She is blond with blue eyes. At least six generations have blond hear and blue or green eyes. According to the report my wife has Sindhi identity and originates from Pakistan, India or Northern Iraq. This is complete nonsense.
I paid Euro 1,800.00 in advance and got ridiculous results.

After Iíve understood about random nature of the reports I called and spoke to Mr. Andrey Semikhodskiy and asked him about refund. He refused to issue refund and told me that if I will publish information about this fraud online he will suit me.

MEDICAL GENOMICS LTD delivered me evident and pure fraud! Keep away from any services of this company.
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1 Review
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